Eastern Creek CDC

3 Roberts Road
Eastern Creek 2766

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02 9830 3700

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Eastern Creek CDC Story

Challenges, Opportunities and Partnerships.
Throughout the next 16 months, Polar Fresh CDC EC shall see a great deal of change, all of which are bound with challenges and opportunities.

As it stands today, the site consists of two chambers, chilled and freezer. As at July 2014, the site shall consist of 4 chambers, chilled and fresh produce that is made up of 3 different temperature set chambers.

The freezer transitioning from EC CDC to Americold Arndell Park shall be a 4 week journey commencing 26 August with an anticipated drop in volume on average of 1.3m carton per week. This has presented challenges in the people sphere whereby as a result, the business identified the need to increase the amount of permanent team members within afternoon shift ensuring suitable and meaningful tasks for all permanent team members employed by Polar Fresh.

Partnerships with key stakeholders working with Coles throughout this period will be paramount. As a result, in order to support the Americold business with the freezer in transition to Arndell Park, Polar Fresh’s Daniel Arispe, long term employee who supported the freezer transition from Americold Prospect to CDC Eastern Creek, will be providing support to the Arndell Park site for an anticipated smooth transition from Polar Fresh to Americold, working together demonstrating that whether it be the Polar Fresh ‘Wheel of Success’ or Coles ‘Circle for Success’, we’re all heading in the right direction in order to create more opportunities and a taking the right steps towards leading the industry standards that will demonstrate best practice/benchmark.

Introducing Fresh Produce into the CDC will also present challenges that we’re presently preparing for. The site extension is underway with an anticipated completion date early 2014 with fresh produce being transitioned from Costa Logistics EC to Polar Fresh EC commencing late July 2014. The photo below shows the first phase of construction with monthly photo’s being provided. Fresh Produce in will increase the volume from 1.3m cartons per week to 1.7m per week. With an increase to the tune of 100 people permanently based and potentially up to 170 casuals.

Our focus over the next 12 months, along with a continued commitment to Coles, will be to ensure that our culture meets the needs of both Polar Fresh and Coles, by shifting from a ‘have to’ culture to a ‘want to’ culture. We have launched this through our Values engagement sessions with the official ‘Wheel of Success’ being presented end of August/early September. The ‘Wheel of Success’ is significant in the manner that these behaviours are not being dictated, rather, they’ve been identified by all Polar Fresh employees throughout the sessions held providing our team with a sense of belonging and forming part of the ‘big picture’ – it’s a meaningful tool for them to relate to and embrace.

Along with the above, we will commence EA discussions February 2014 as our EA is due in September 2014.

December 2014 will see our first Christmas delivering an anticipated volume of 2.1m per week.

Never a dull moment at Polar Fresh EC!